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As of this issue, we’re starting to take a look at some of the “historic” vineyards that our wine producers have not only been able to keep thriving, but to enhance, over the past few decades. They are literally pieces of history, and the winegrowers take as much care of them as they would an ancient temple or a Renaissance-era fresco. This is because they are often, indeed, a work of art, an enchanting spectacle of nature. Over the coming months we will describe and tell you the history of some of these “sanctuaries” that dot our hills … and naturally, we’ll tell you about the wines that come from these vineyards.


Umani Ronchi: Verdicchio Vecchie Vigne, a vineyard in Montecarotto.

Michele Bernetti, who manages the winery alongside his father, Massimo, began his tale with the words: “50 years ago my grandfather … “ That is always the way it is with people who work the land; they start from age-old wisdom. It started out as a sizeable vineyard in the beginning, with over twenty hectares of vines that had been planted in the early 70s. Then came decades of expansion and rapid growth in the world of wine. In the 90s there began a period of renewal, of nearly frenzied activity in the form of new plantings, innovative vine stock, new vines that had no ties to the territory. Too much haste and some mistakes, too.
In the Marche, though, the bond with tradition remains strong and people don’t usually go down a new path without being sure of success. Thus, the owners of the Umani Ronchi winery made the decision to keep up the old vines in a lovely vineyard of over ten hectares. That’s where, sometime around 1990, that the story began of impassioned “restoration” work on the old posts, trellis wires, and grass sod, but which also involved careful clonal selections of the old vine stocks. They knew they were holding onto a treasure. Since 2001 the grapes from this majestic old vineyard have their very own label, they have a first name and a family name which have brought huge success year after year.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Doc
Casal di Serra Vecchie Vigne


General features
Type of soil: deep, loamy, fresh
Exposure: east/south-east, at 350 meters above sea level
Type of trellising: double-arched cane
Yield per hectare: 60/70 quintals
Harvesting: by hand, after the first ten days of October, when the grapes are fully ripe
Vinification: soft pressing, cooled must, static decantation. First fermentation at low temperature in stainless steel. No malolactic fermentation.
Ageing: in cement tanks for 10 months; further ageing in the bottle.









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