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Verdicchio - Rosso Conero


Versiano 2014 - Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore D.o.c.
VIGNAMATO – San Paolo di Jesi (AN)

A beautiful straw-yellow color with green highlights, it is more-than-limpid and consistent. The nose is intense and fine, redolent of white blossoms, linden, ripe white-pulped fruit, peach, apple, light citrus, and aromatic herbs to close on a mineral note. On the palate it is full and persistent, enters decisively, with character. The balance between pungent freshness, alcohol, and softness is excellent. The wine is obtained from a selection of grapes from the oldest vineyards that are allowed to rest on fine lees until springtime. Recommended pairing: with frittura mista di pesce dell’Adriatico (mixed Adriatic fish-fry).
A traditional family-run business, the winery is situated in a hilly area on the right flank of the Esino River Valley, the most typical growing zone. The estate covers 10 hectares of vineyards that yield both white and red grapes, cultivated according to a system of low production which pays careful attention to all of the phases of the wine-making process, with particular care given to the harvesting phase.



Verde di Ca’ Ruptae 2014 – Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore D.o.c.

A lovely straw yellow color with green reflexes, it is crystal clear and of good consistency. Obtained from the cold maceration of the grape must on the skins and subsequently, sur lie. In this way the wine’s olfactory notes and fine qualities are highlighted. To the nose it opens with white springtime flowers and orange blossoms, to then lead into fruited notes of peach and pear, light citrus, and herbaceous scents of aromatic herbs, with a mineral finale. On the palate it is long, full, enveloping, with nice softness and alcohol that counter the pleasant acid and sapid notes. Recommended pairing: with tuna tartare and swordfish carpaccio.
Moncaro is the largest winegrowing business of its kind in the Marche region; it uses low environmental impact growing and production techniques and its three wineries are located in the D.O.C. wine producing zones for Verdicchio, Rosso Conero and Rosso Piceno.



Le Vaglie 2014 – Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico D.o.c.

A straw yellow with beautiful green highlights, it is crystal clear and consistent. With a rich bouquet, it is fine and persistent. It opens on springtime flowers, linden, acacia, hawthorn, followed by tropical and white fruit, citrus, and closing on honeyed notes and aromatic herbs. As always, it is very well balanced and pleasing; the body and structure of the Verdicchio are almost hidden to the palate because of the persistence of the soft notes, which impart a sensation of beguiling sweetness, supported by freshness and sapidity. Recommended pairing: Because of its particular impact it is particularly well-suited to accompany any fish-based dish, from starters to first courses to entrées.
The winery is located 25Km inland from the Adriatic coast, in the town of Barbara, and for several years now, it has been involved in a research project which aims to highlight and promote the products of this great land of the Marche.



Casal di Serra 2014–Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore D.o.c.
UMANI RONCHI – Osimo Scalo (AN)

A straw yellow with greenish reflexes, it is crystal clear and quite consistent. Fine and quite complex to the nose, it enters on floral notes of sweet springtime flowers, jasmine, mimosa, along with fruited tones of white fruit. It closes on the scent of fresh hay and a light mineral note. On the palate it is pleasantly balanced, intense and persistent; softness and hardness fairly dance together, to impart a combination of sensations that are fresh, soft and with just the right alcohol content. Recommended pairing: this wine can be enjoyed throughout the meal from start to finish, but is especially good with fish-based starters and pastas.
The winery estates include 210 hectares of vineyards that are spread among twelve parcels of land situated in the classic DOC production zones of the region with unique features in terms of enhanced terroir and autochthonous vines; it prides itself on the fact that it uses the most advanced wine growing and production techniques.



Le Terrazze 2012 – Rosso Conero D.o.c.

A lively ruby red with a glimmer of crimson reflexes, it is limpid and of good consistency. The impact to the nose is fine and intense, redolent of just-wilted red blooms, like carnation and violet, that dance in tandem with the fruity notes so typical of Montepulciano grown in the area around Mount Conero, of red plum and blackberry, with a slight herbaceous note and a hint of leather. On the palate it is full but not invasive; the refinement has imparted the perfect balance between soft tannins and alcohol, thus making this wine suitable for daily enjoyment. Recommended pairing: with first course dishes with a ragù di corte sauce (“courtyard ragù” made from white meats: chicken, duck, and guinea hen), lasagna, and meat-filled pastas.
The winery built in 1882 is not only a beautiful place to visit, but is also of historical interest; since its foundation, the business has been making wine from the produce of its estate-owned vineyards located in the heart of the Rosso Conero production zone.



Il Palazzo 2012 – Conero Riserva D.o.c. g.

The intense ruby red color mirrors the personality and consistency of the wine. To the nose it is intense and complex, with notes of ripe, pulpy red fruit like plum, cherry, and red currant, that blend with wilted red blooms like violet and carnation, followed by sweet spices, vanilla and tobacco, along with the pungent and aromatic scents of pepper, cocoa, and coffee. The 18-month refinement in oak casks has softened the strong Montepulciano tannins, making them silky-smooth and well balanced with softness, body, and alcohol.
Recommended pairing: with costata di marchigiana alla brace (charcoal-grilled Marchigiana T-bone).
This young winery owns a small vineyard of 4 hectares, a family inheritance, located in the Rosso Conero D.o.c. production zone. The owners have recently embarked on an adventure to transform a hobby into a lifetime commitment and passion.



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