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The Marche Region

The Marche is a region located in Central Italy, along with Tuscany and Umbria. From the Apennine Mountains the terrain slopes gently down towards the Adriatic Sea, fanning out through an enchanting ripple of hills laid out in a geometric pattern of vineyards, olive groves and cultivated fields. The visitor wandering through these hills will find dozens of Medieval hamlets and fortified towns with their abbeys, Renaissance and Baroque buildings, 19th century theaters and small museums which jealously guard what remains of the ancient civilizations that preceded us on this land. The Picenes, the Greeks and the Romans have all left priceless vestiges. But this is also the land of Raphael, Rossini, Leopardi and… yes, Valentino Rossi! It is the homeland of Robert Mondavi’s ancestors.

We will attempt to reveal the secret soul of these hills, starting from our food culture. The inhabitants of the Marche were, for centuries, fishermen on the coast and farmers on the land. Those who worked the land learned to lived a measured life, with an ingrained respect for time and the seasons, learned to live off the fruits of their own labor, established cordial relations with others. In the kitchen, not butter, but good quality olive oil is used; wine, not Coca Cola, is drunk at table. The love of a good loaf of bread lies in everyone’s heart and pigs have always provided the meat for making excellent cured meat products. The list goes on to include truffles, mushrooms, cheese and, of course, fish from the Adriatic. Let’s not forget that the Marche is the region in Italy where people live the longest and where quality of life is high. Furthermore, in recent years hundreds of foreigners, especially from Germany, Holland and Britain, have bought property in our hills. What does this tell you?

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wants to share the riches and the beauty of this land, with full awareness of the fact that to live here in these hills in the midst of all of this natural harmony is a luxury. We’ll introduce you to wines and olive oils, cheese, pasta, salumi, typical specialties, and tell you about restaurants and special recipes; we’ll keep you informed about food and wine events, tell you things you never knew about formaggio di fossa, a ewe’s milk cheese aged in caves, about truffles and about how to use wild herbs and greens in the kitchen; we’ll talk about wine and olive oil tasting, and about our local festivals. You’ll also find useful addresses and suggestions for planning a visit or organizing a vacation that is relaxing and stress-free. Finally, for those who especially love Italian cuisine and food products, we’ll offer information on cooking courses for both amateurs and professionals.

To all of you, Italian and foreign friends, we send you our fondest greetings from the Marche.


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