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The taste of our land is in its wines



There is no room for doubt, the wines of the Marche have achieved extremely high levels of quality. The Verdicchio is seen as the champion of Italy’s white wines, thanks to its versatility (from sparkling wine to passito), its natural potency, its personality, and expressiveness. In recent years, on the international markets, too, our wines have made their presence felt, earning fame and recognition. This is why we see that, today, Marche regional wine is enjoying favorable winds as it navigates all markets. Producers are aware of this positive scenario, unimaginable up until just a few years ago, and thus, they make their moves with confidence, ready to face new challenges every day.

Expo 2015 has opened and will run until October 31st of this year; it offers a unique opportunity to become familiar with Marche wines and winegrowers. We invite you to visit the “A taste of Italy” Pavilion so you can taste the wines from our wineries, in particular: Vallerosa Bonci, Santa Barbara, Umani Ronchi, Belisario, Casalfarneto, Terre Cortesi Moncaro. In addition, nine guided wine-tasting events will be hosted on the terraces reserved for that purpose. It’s the perfect way to expand your knowledge and delve a little deeper into our best wines.

Someone once said “wine is the poetry of the earth.” The Marchigiani, however, be it for temperament or for culture, are very much attached to the more solid dimension of daily life and prefer substance over form; thus, their favorite adage is “to eat without a glass of wine is like a day without sunshine.” We say this, not because we do not recognize the merits of those who are academically oriented and study all of the aspects of economic growth, but because in the Marche region what always comes first is hard work and the pursuit of happiness in daily life.

Anyone who wants to gain a deeper knowledge of our wines must keep in mind that they represent the strength of our people, often taciturn and reserved, yet strong and The taste of our land is in its wines

- Gianfranco Mancini






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